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Our clients range from Global brands to corporate manufacturers to family producers SME’s and start-ups. We guide you through the legal complexities by providing succinct, strategic and commercial advice. Our team has the experience to overcome legal challenges and help you achieve your objectives.


As a team we can offer advice to our clients, not only the regulatory and legal issues, and their commercial contracts but on buying, selling or leasing a property, acquiring a business protecting their intellectual property their trading agreements and advice on employment issues.

Regulatory issues

Our lawyers advise on the ever-changing range of food and drink regulation, from product labelling, allergens, quality obligations, weights and measures, advertising, traceability and, more recently, the law on psychoactive substances. We provide assistance and guidance on how to deal with approaches from enforcement agencies, product recalls and similar.


We negotiate trading agreements for suppliers and customers alike. We listen to clients and build in the right provisions for them on service levels, product recalls, audit procedures, disaster recovery and monitoring, all to fit in with their product range - short or long life, ambient, chilled or frozen.

We are experts in public procurement law.

Real Estate

Our lawyers have a clear understanding of the rules relating to cleanliness, temperature control, waste disposal, pollution control, vehicle usage and noise in relation to food manufacturing and storage buildings. We ensure property documents reflect the commercial requirements and relevant statutory provisions, working closely with specialist surveyors, planners, engineers and other professionals.

Employment issues

Food and drink companies frequently consult us on employee issues, from the introduction of the National Living Wage, the apprenticeship levy to understanding how further legislation may affect them. This sector is coming under increased scrutiny and regulation on employment matters. We can offer the clear, focused and up-to-date advice you need to ensure that your business is both compliant and well positioned to manage any employment issues.

Protecting your ideas

We have vast experience in providing up-to-date and accessible advice on how to enforce intellectual property rights to PLC’S and SME’s on safeguard thier business. We regularly give advice on Trade marks, how to protect your product designs, Copyright and how to protect trade secrets, customer lists and price lists, all aspects of commercial agreements and negotiating complex software agreements. 

Protecting data

Our specialist data protection lawyers are recognised as being amongst the best in this technical area of law, they will draft the essential policies and procedures and train staff and managers on identifying and reducing the likelihood of data security breaches.

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